The Windjo

I’ve been wanting to get more into creating sound sculptures and things that can play themselves, so I knocked together this quick prototype for an idea I had using wind to pluck strings.
I used 4 dessert pots to act as a windmill that turns a metal rod with the plucking device attached. I had to experiment with what to use for the plucking bit and in the end the corner of a train ticket was the best! The strings are banjo strings and are set up to surround the shaft with the train ticket.

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  1. ranjit says:

    Nice one! I did something similar:

    2008 and 2010

    (Not saying yours isn't original – i'm saying great minds think alike!)

  2. Tom Fox says:

    goddamnit! they look startlingly similar to the MKII windjo I've just finished… only yours is far more polished and doesn't sound like a donkey playing a steel drum.

    I think i need to do more researching to make sure I'm not making stuff that's already been done!

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