The 1-Stringed presplit Bamboo-cane Ektara?

Ektara‘s normally have a cane of bamboo split in two with a soundbox at the base and a tuning peg at the top. The bamboo is pressed together to change the pitch of the string… I’ve changed things a bit… I chopped a length of fresh bamboo at two nodes, making a closed cylindrical bitContinue reading “The 1-Stringed presplit Bamboo-cane Ektara?”

Hazlitt’s Ho-Bo-Er-Hu

It was my friend’s birthday recently, and considering she’s an unbelievably talented musician I figured if anyone can make this sound good, she can… Again based on the chinese Erhu and esentially the same only shorter version of the other hobo-erhu I made. Hopefully if she manages to record something on it i’ll put upContinue reading “Hazlitt’s Ho-Bo-Er-Hu”