Microbit Experiments

I’ve been experimenting with the Micro:bit microcontroller for a while now, and have realised I don’t have a central post showcasing what myself and other people have been up to. So here, are some of the things we’ve done with microbits: In this Microbit experiment, Helen Leigh and myself connected her (at the time) prototypeContinue reading “Microbit Experiments”

Inductive Pendulum

One of my latest ideas is an evolution of my Proximity Mixer that uses Induction and Proximity to transfer audio signals from a source to a pickup through the air. This version uses an inductor on a pendulum with an audio signal running through it, with a stationary pickup on the base that picks up theContinue reading “Inductive Pendulum”

Hummingbird Evolution

My Hummingbird instrument, the one controlled by Twitter, has recently had a new breath of life blown into it with the use of the incredible DADA machines Automat. This newest version can control physical beat machines via the tweets you send me! I did a Live Stream test of it where people could tweet meContinue reading “Hummingbird Evolution”