Inductive Pendulum

One of my latest ideas is an evolution of my Proximity Mixer that uses Induction and Proximity to transfer audio signals from a source to a pickup through the air. This version uses an inductor on a pendulum with an audio signal running through it, with a stationary pickup on the base that picks up theContinue reading “Inductive Pendulum”

Soundcamp Festival and DMSA Students

I had the pleasure recently of leading part of one of the modules for the Digital Music and Sound Arts course at Brighton University thanks to the wonderful Maria Papadomanolaki. The culmination of which was a collaborative installation build at SoundCamp festival in London. I had a lot of fun with the build and hopefully theContinue reading “Soundcamp Festival and DMSA Students”

Tubular Solenoid Bells

My latest creation is a solenoid driven tubular bell rig, made from copper pipe and scrap wood. The assembly is collapsable and houses the solenoids that come with the DADA machines Automat kit. It’s going to be a very versatile instrument played by many different methods, I can hook it up to my Hummingbird installationContinue reading “Tubular Solenoid Bells”

Hackoustic in Electronic Sound magazine!

We were very privileged to have been interviewed and photographed by the amazing Electronic Sound magazine during our recent #HackousticVillage festival . The magazine is fantastic and the article they wrote about us at Hackoustic is a hugely positive and a wonderful piece. I would scan the article for you to read, but I would seriouslyContinue reading “Hackoustic in Electronic Sound magazine!”


We (Hackoustic) recently curated the HackousticVillage at the We Are Robots festival at Truman Brewery in London. It was an incredible event full of amazing people. Here is a quick walk-through from our friend Sam Battle, AKA LookMumNoComputer And here is a great breakdown of the event as a whole featuring a few of ourContinue reading “HackousticVillage”

Planted Symphony

I was asked by Charles Matthews and Drake Music to help out on this installation/performance piece for Arts and Gardens for the 2017 Liberty Festival at Olympic Park The concept was a lovely one, and one that Charles worked insanely hard to pull off. Installations included Pressure Sensor triggers, Flowers that when you blow into them theyContinue reading “Planted Symphony”