Current Audio Projects –

The Beating Birch

Project with artist Nick Murray

Progressions is a piece in three movements by Nick Murray and Tom Fox (The Beating Birch), commissioned by The Quietus and Aerial Festival.

Mvt.1 (Book 7/ Natural/Industrial)
Mvt.2 (Isolation/Infection/Open Space)
Mvt.3 (Hope/Fear/Global Temp)

Wordsworth described many journeys, literal and allegorical, through his deeply reflective extended poem. Progressions picks out this motif and uses it to form the structure that defines it. The three movements, and the piece as a whole, draw on data pulled from digital data – from meteorological archives to Twitter threads – to map the journeys we have taken in 2020 and beyond.

Fox and Murray have reworked global temperature data, instances of urban creep, the frequency of isolation, and the terminologies of hope to craft a series of harmonic patterns that form the structure of Progressions. Combining electronic and acoustic instrumentation, the piece serves as both a document of and a salve for the times.


YOAF -Sound art improv group with Tim Yates and Jon Saunders

CSFLC!EXIIATGS – London noise conglomerate

Erlik and the Ro-Langs – Duo with Jon Saunders

off’tan’discord – old solo project

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