Cultlovesyou Tinjo

My latest, and so far my favourite, instrument, is another Tinjo, with an awesome goatskull headstock, frets from a barbeque skewer and a piezo mic hooked up inside the tin. cultlovesyou Tinjo demo by Vulpestruments This one is for my brother who is an awesome designer, check out his stuff which you may haveContinue reading “Cultlovesyou Tinjo”

Hazlitt’s Ho-Bo-Er-Hu

It was my friend’s birthday recently, and considering she’s an unbelievably talented musician I figured if anyone can make this sound good, she can… Again based on the chinese Erhu and esentially the same only shorter version of the other hobo-erhu I made. Hopefully if she manages to record something on it i’ll put upContinue reading “Hazlitt’s Ho-Bo-Er-Hu”