The Aeoliolin

This is a kitty litter scooper Aeolian Violin. Or an Aeoliolin. A Violin played by the wind.
One of the benefits at working at a school is that kids break things. A lot. Somebody broke their violin at the neck, which left me with a perfectly nice body to play with.
It works when the wind makes the strings resonate. I rigged up a neck to allow as much wind to hit the strings as possible, added 11 strings (3 steel guitar, 2 Nylon Guitar and 6 Banjo) and a very basic headstock.
(It starts about 18 seconds in)
It’s been finished for about a month now but today was the first windy day we’ve had in a while! Also the school I work in is next to a train track, which explains the train in the recording… and the children…
There’s more photos too…

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