The Windjo

I’ve been wanting to get more into creating sound sculptures and things that can play themselves, so I knocked together this quick prototype for an idea I had using wind to pluck strings.
I used 4 dessert pots to act as a windmill that turns a metal rod with the plucking device attached. I had to experiment with what to use for the plucking bit and in the end the corner of a train ticket was the best! The strings are banjo strings and are set up to surround the shaft with the train ticket.

Published by Vulpestruments

An assortment of hand crafted instruments, made from recycled, reused and readily available parts

2 thoughts on “The Windjo

  1. goddamnit! they look startlingly similar to the MKII windjo I've just finished… only yours is far more polished and doesn't sound like a donkey playing a steel drum.

    I think i need to do more researching to make sure I'm not making stuff that's already been done!

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