The 10p Tuning Peg!

To me, the trickiest part to a completely DIY stringed instrument is the tuning pegs. Which is why I came up with this incredibly simple (and must have been done before somewhere) 10 pence tuning peg!

UPDATE: I’ve written a new post on various tuning pegs ideas I’ve come up with, check it out here!

All it involves is a bolt, a nut, a washer and a washer with a hole drilled into it.
  • Tie the wire to hole in the washer
  • .Put that washer onto a secured bolt and add the nut, but don’t screw it on too far.
  • Tie the other end of the wire as tight as you can to whatever it’s going to be anchored to.
  • Turn the bolt with screwdriver while holding the nut, this will push the nut and washer up the shaft of the bolt, increasing the tension in the wire.
  • Simples!
I knocked up a quick and simple hammered dulcimer to see how well it worked, and so far so good!

One comment

  1. This looks very interesting I Might use this for a school project I have

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