Tennis Racketar

This is a demonstration of a tennis racket guitar prototype, It uses a piezo mic embedded in a wooden holder directly beneath the bridge to pick up the vibrations of the string.

I’m still working on something to use for frets, the ‘neck’ isn’t in the slightest bit flat which doesn’t help at all…

Published by Vulpestruments

An assortment of hand crafted instruments, made from recycled, reused and readily available parts

3 thoughts on “Tennis Racketar

  1. That is a bloody brilliant idea!

    If I make another, would you be my tennis partner? We could hook them up to a bunch of effects and make some awesome noise with them!

  2. That could be amazing 🙂
    Hey Tom, i would love to know how to make a piezo pickup thingy, can you make a post about it?

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