Acoustic Droneitar

This quick instrument was an experiment in three different things. It’s been made from the leg of a piano stool and some scrap wood, nails, washing line wire and a motor from an old cd player.
The main reason for this build was I wanted to see if an acoustic version of the Droneitar would work at all, so this little instrument has a motor embedded in the very base of the neck with a small piece of frayed string.  This should, in theory, make the strings hum.
It didn’t work quite how I’d hoped, so I added a quick piezo contact mic to amplify the drone a bit and it sounded better.
Another thing I wanted to try out was a quick and dirty way to make a hollow bodied instrument, you can see how I did that in the progress pics.
Another thing I wanted to try was play with aesthetics, I tried scratching some of the paint off the piano leg into a ROA-ish fox head. Also the sides I’ve painted and scrawled lyrics to A Silver Mt Zion’s The Triumph of our Tired Eyes.

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