How to make a basic dulcimer from one piece of wood!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a quick, acoustic dulcimer from a single piece of wood…

Start with a nice chunky bit of timber:

Trim a piece off the end:

Trim a thin piece off the top, the thinner the better as this will be your soundboard:

This was much thicker than it should have been…. still worked though!

Hollow out the plank by any means necessary

Place and glue the top back on:


And the end bit

Make a few small holes on top, or cut away fancy shapes as you see fit.

Add a few eyelets top and bottom:

Ads tuning pins. I used piano pins as I happened to have spares .. HERE IS MY GUIDE TO DIY TUNING PINS IF YOU NEED ALTERNATIVE IDEAS

Add strings, use dowels at both ends as a nut and a bridge:

Tune to something like fifths, ADA, DAD, GCG etc.

I completely estimated where the frets should go based on if it sounded nice or not!


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