Tubular Solenoid Bells

My latest creation is a solenoid driven tubular bell rig, made from copper pipe and scrap wood. The assembly is collapsable and houses the solenoids that come with the DADA machines Automat kit.

It’s going to be a very versatile instrument played by many different methods, I can hook it up to my Hummingbird installation and have you play it via twitter, I can hook it up to a BreConductive board and use conductive ink  as a proximity trigger. So far i’ve used it with Helen Leigh’s mi.mu glove project that replaces that incredible tech within the mi.mu gloves with the 8-bit Micro:Bits. So in this demo, the angle of the hand/glove determines which bell gits struck:

I’ve also used it with wonderful effect with Dom Aversanos Pure Data patch on Church Bell ringing algorithms. Dom is a wonderful percussionist who you should go check out right now.

Published by Vulpestruments

An assortment of hand crafted instruments, made from recycled, reused and readily available parts

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