Microbit Experiments

I’ve been experimenting with the Micro:bit microcontroller for a while now, and have realised I don’t have a central post showcasing what myself and other people have been up to. So here, are some of the things we’ve done with microbits:

In this Microbit experiment, Helen Leigh and myself connected her (at the time) prototype mini.mu glove up to PureData, which then triggered my DADA machines automat kit to strike some tubular bells based on gestural control!

In this experiment, Helen Leigh controls the tones being played through my inductive pendulum, while I alter the loop station to build melodies and textures.

Here, during the MTFFrankfurt creative Labs, I found a way to control the speed of a sample playback rate, and even to reverse the sample too. Here, I use the accelerometer to control the speed of the Amen Break.

At the same MTFFrankfurt, we tried using the microbit in combination with trombone! Here, Petter has a mimu glove on his playing hand and controls the synths on my laptop via the same accelerometer data as most of these other experiments.

At a recent Hackoustic Presents night, I put together this basic micro:bit organ, that uses a bunch of microbit connected to the same PureData patch. Here, they are controlling the volume levels of pre-determined sine waves. With one of them controlling the sample-playback rate of a bell .wav file.

I wrote up the method I use to connect microbit to puredata in this post here, feel free to use the code and share what you do with it!

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