My latest commission was this drone/noise machine for artist and genius Dimitri Simakis http://www.valianteffort.net/ It combines the drones from the strings with the interference/noise from a motor controlled by a PWM circuit. It has inductive and piezo pickup and not a whole lot else!

Mini Dronemachine 

This is probably the quickest build of a Dronemachine I’ve managed! I was being interviewed for a mini Hackoustic documentary and realised I had no dronemachines of my own to show! So this was a very rushed build but had remarkably good sounds at the end! Made from the motor coil of an electric fan,…

Dronitar Commission 

My latest commission is finished and sounding rather nice! It’s made from scrap/reclaimed woods, repurposed transformers for pickups, recycled motor parts to create a hum/drone and misc hardware to finish it all off.