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How to get an instrument Commissioned-

The best way to start the commission process is to contact me with ideas about what you’re after. Whether it’s an instrument you’ve seen here or an idea you’ve had yourself and want help building or even a certain sound you’re looking for. We can work together to create something unique for you.

ROUGH Commission prices:

I do take commissions for instruments, each commission I take I would discuss every aspect of the design with you and any ideas that you’d like to incorporate or include in the deisgn. The examples below are my most commonly asked about instruments, but I’m also happy to discuss new ideas!


Prices for these usually start at £150 for a VERY basic model. Then as your design specs get more complex, the price increases.


Prices for these I would start at £100, and alter depending on design specs.



These I would also start at £100, although if you ask for a moustache shaped one I might just cry a little inside. I’m happy to discuss designs/shapes etc with you!