I’ll be at the London Mini Maker Faire!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be exhibiting some of my instruments at this years London Mink Maker Faire in Elephant and Castle!
The MAKE movement is something I’m very excited about and believe strongly in, I’m very honoured to be asked to be a part of it!
It is being held on Saturday 15th November at the London College of Communication.
I haven’t quite decided exactly what to bring along yet, but expect to see/hear/be able to play some of these:

Published by Vulpestruments

An assortment of hand crafted instruments, made from recycled, reused and readily available parts

3 thoughts on “I’ll be at the London Mini Maker Faire!

  1. I was wondering where you get some of these ideas – like the circular pickup. How do you wire something like that? How do you know how many batteries it takes to power a given motor?

    Now that you've introduced me to the wheelharp via twitter, I've been wondering lately if there would be a way to make a mini wheelharp using that same idea. I like the constant bowing sound that it produces.

  2. Almost everything I do is through trial and error and experimenting. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't!

    The circular pickup came about through both my interest in droning sounds and also in taking stuff apart. A while back I discovered how to use an electric motor as a pickup so I used the same approach when I took apart an electric fan motor. Luckily it worked well as a pickup and the dronemachines started developing from that. When I wire stuff I literally just try all options with crocodile clips and hope that one of the configurations works. Sometimes it doesn't!

    Would a mini wheelharp sound the same as a Hurdygurdy?

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