Talk and mini-workshop

My next talk and workshop event will with the wonderful folks of Music Hackspace in my spiritual home of Limewharf in east London. I’ll be giving a talk all about the theory and practise of DIY instrument building and where to source everything you’d need for cheap and interesting instrument building. Afterwards there will beContinue reading “Talk and mini-workshop”

Upcoming events, of which there are many.

I have a ton of events coming up, all of which I will add to the events tab on the right hand side over there –> First up is my workshop at Machinesroom, ‘An introduction to scrap instrument building’. It is currently sold-out which means I’ll have to organise another one for soonly afterwards! MachinesroomContinue reading “Upcoming events, of which there are many.”

Results from the Scrapitar workshop!

Last Saturday was the inaugural instrument building workshop at the wonderful Machinesroom in Limewharf. I learnt a lot from running it and hopefully the participants did too, each person made a completely different instrument to everyone else. We spent the day and turned this: Into these: I also consulted on and helped figure out waysContinue reading “Results from the Scrapitar workshop!”

Instrument building workshop!

I’ve been having some fun meetings over at Machines Room, in Limewharf about running some workshops with their scrap materials. And I’m happy to announce the first (hopefully of many) workshop will be on March 21st! “During this 4-hr workshop you will learn how to build your own 3-stringed, fretted instrument from scratch, from scraps!Continue reading “Instrument building workshop!”