How to connect your to PureData

I was very fortunate enough to be made one of the prototype versions of Helen Leigh Steer/Imogen Heaps amazing gloves, it uses micro:bit to create a gestural controller and is aimed at getting younger people into the more fun/physical things that coding and tech can do. I’ve been pushing what this little, cheap productContinue reading “How to connect your to PureData”

How to make a basic dulcimer from one piece of wood!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a quick, acoustic dulcimer from a single piece of wood… Start with a nice chunky bit of timber: Trim a piece off the end: Trim a thin piece off the top, the thinner the better as this will be your soundboard: This was much thicker than itContinue reading “How to make a basic dulcimer from one piece of wood!”

The sweet spot tool.

I have 2 commissions coming to a close in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I’d like to share with you this tool I created. Now the maths and physics behind surface resonance and bridge placement in instruments is complicated. Especially if your instruments are a bit special, like mine. That’s why IContinue reading “The sweet spot tool.”

How-To: The 5 minute tunable 1-stringed instrument

This is a quick how-to on how to build yourself the easiest/quickest tunable stringed instrument in the world out of bits you probably have lying around your house. The wire I used was from the inside of a washing line, however you can use a plethora of other types of wire/fishing line/old guitar strings etc.Continue reading “How-To: The 5 minute tunable 1-stringed instrument”

A Note on DIY Tuning Pegs

Tuning pegs might be one of the trickiest parts of a stringed instrument to get right while still remaining DIY. There are easy, time tested methods of accurately and reliably tuning strings; such as a set of machine heads like these: Or zither pins (these are actually amazingly useful, I ordered 100 when I started outContinue reading “A Note on DIY Tuning Pegs”