The Hummingbird MKII, Manual Mode

The Hummingbird is usually controlled by Twitter, I fancied playing it myself so rigged up a simple switch mode using connector block and bike brake cable that runs to the other pin of each relay unit. The noises are a result of electromagnetic interference from the motors creating a current in the pickup in the…


I’ve had my Springything for quite a long time now, so have figured out a lot of fun different ways to get different noises from it. So here’s a short track using nothing but this instrument:

The Hummingbird MKII

This is the newest version of the Hummingbird instrument. It uses electrical disturbances of 8 different motors to induce a current in the transformer coil. It is connected to my twitter account via a raspberry pi. Whenever someone sends me a tweet the pattern of playing will change depending on that persons user id number….

The Hummingbird @ the Tate Modern

One of my newest creations that I developed at my time at machinesroom is The Hummingbird. It’s a twitter – controlled instrument that I recently showcased at the Tate modern as part of the Turbine Festival. — Vulpestruments (@Vulpestruments) July 26, 2015 // // It consists of a series of 8 motors that play…

The Bookitar

When I got the confirmation that I would be at The Great Home Hack, I realised I should probably create something a bit more ‘crafty’ to fit in with the Upcycling theme. So, I came up with The Bookitar:

Piano Stool Viol

It’s been a while since I made this one, but things have been very busy over here and I never got around to playing it much! It’s made entirely from a broken piano stool! The neck was one of the legs and then the body is made from 3 planks that surrounded just underneath the…

Mini Coconut Kora

Although I made this one a while ago, I’ve only got around to making a recording of it! It’s a mini-Kora style instrument made from one half of a novelty coconut bra, a plank of wood and a bunch of piano tuning pins.

A simple Mouthbow

  I saw a TED talk where David Holt played a Mouthbow, it sounded amazing and looked like it used similar mouth techniques that I’ve used before on Singing bowls. So I made a quick one from a plank of wood, a piano tuning pin and an acoustic guitar string. So so so so simple!…

Rich playing the Leviaphone

Before I hand off one of my Leviaphones I bought it into the studio to get Rich to play around on it, here’s the video!

Analogue Interference Synth

This instrument is a quick prototype that could lead to some much bigger ideas. In a lot of my droning machines I need to place the motors as far from the pickups as possible to avoid interference/noise being generated from the moving parts. With this instrument I’ve used that noise/interference to my advantage to generate a…

Reverse Slide Can

For my 101st post I’m giving you another incredibly simple instrument that you could build yourself in a matter of minutes. With just a stick/bolt/pole going through a can/pringle tube/anything you can use a small cupboard hinge as a bridge/whammy bar hybrid. You could have it one stringed or just simply loop the same string…

Not all Dronemachines are created equal

As part of my commission for Christopher Campbell I created a fretted Dronemachine. It used circular washers, the shades from  desk lamps, my usual circular pickup from an electric fan, bits of shower rails and various bits and bobs. The idea was nice and simple, the method of play was much like my other machines…