Vulpestruments is the project of artist Tom Fox that revolves around Sound Art practises, experimental instrument design, sonification of data and interactive installation design. Tom is also the creative director for Hackoustic the London based community of musical hackers and inventors. He also works for Music Tech Fest running their Sparks workshops. He has runContinue reading “About”

Hackoustic in Electronic Sound magazine!

We were very privileged to have been interviewed and photographed by the amazing Electronic Sound magazine during our recent #HackousticVillage festival . The magazine is fantastic and the article they wrote about us at Hackoustic is a hugely positive and a wonderful piece. I would scan the article for you to read, but I would seriouslyContinue reading “Hackoustic in Electronic Sound magazine!”

Updates! Workshop! Hackoustic!

I have been very very busy lately with a bunch of different projects. Most notably with Hackoustic, a group/collective/events series I have been running with Tim Yates and friends. We have 2 exciting events coming up including one that I will be running a workshop in: Hackoustic All Day Workshop Our second event I willContinue reading “Updates! Workshop! Hackoustic!”

Newest Dronemachine

My newest commission for Belgian musician Quentin Stinglhamber. It uses the coil of an electric fan as it’s pickup, with an additional piezo pickup at the far end. Two knobs control the levels between the 2 pickups and one for volume. The strings are excited by a small piece of string attached to a motorContinue reading “Newest Dronemachine”