We (Hackoustic) recently curated the HackousticVillage at the We Are Robots festival at Truman Brewery in London. It was an incredible event full of amazing people. Here is a quick walk-through from our friend Sam Battle, AKA LookMumNoComputer And here is a great breakdown of the event as a whole featuring a few of ourContinue reading “HackousticVillage”

Planted Symphony

I was asked by Charles Matthews and Drake Music to help out on this installation/performance piece for Arts and Gardens for the 2017 Liberty Festival at Olympic Park The concept was a lovely one, and one that Charles worked insanely hard to pull off. Installations included Pressure Sensor triggers, Flowers that when you blow into them theyContinue reading “Planted Symphony”

#MTFSparks at Wallifornia Music Tech

I was honoured and delighted to be asked my Music Tech Fest to lead their most recent #MTFSparks workshop as part of the Wallifornia Music Tech festival. Every MTF event is incredible and I always come away from them with new ideas, new friends and a replenished sense of enthusiasm and motivation. For this workshop,Continue reading “#MTFSparks at Wallifornia Music Tech”

Back to the Tate Modern!

After a successful Hackoustic Festival and following on from our last aperance at the Tate Modern, Tim Yates and I have been invited to take part in the first ever Late Tates! We’ve invited along a bunch of friends too and will be showing off a whole bunch of amazing projects. http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/late/uniqlo-tate-lates Friday, October 28thContinue reading “Back to the Tate Modern!”