I used to play music too…

Back in 2007, before I got interested in making instruments, I did a little solo set with a loop station and a few different instruments of my own.   Looking back now, it’s pretty bad! but it exists, so I may as well share it.  

Motinjo Update!

My good buddy Rich has done an awesome rendition of Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen on the Motinjo. There’s just one day left on the auction, so don’t forget to bid here! All proceeds from the auction will go towards Movember.

Dronemachine in use

Here’s what happened when I hooked my Dronemachine up to my loopstation:

The Debut of the 2 Hour Music Project

Inspired by the 24 project  by Paul Sizer where he created 24 pieces of art in 24 hours, I took this idea and applied it to my own favourite form of making things! So I challenged myself to design and build a new instrument then write and record a song on it within the space…