We (Hackoustic) recently curated the HackousticVillage at the We Are Robots festival at Truman Brewery in London. It was an incredible event full of amazing people. Here is a quick walk-through from our friend Sam Battle, AKA LookMumNoComputer And here is a great breakdown of the event as a whole featuring a few of ourContinue reading “HackousticVillage”

Planted Symphony

I was asked by Charles Matthews and Drake Music to help out on this installation/performance piece for Arts and Gardens for the 2017 Liberty Festival at Olympic Park The concept was a lovely one, and one that Charles worked insanely hard to pull off. Installations included Pressure Sensor triggers, Flowers that when you blow into them theyContinue reading “Planted Symphony”

#MTFSparks at Wallifornia Music Tech

I was honoured and delighted to be asked my Music Tech Fest to lead their most recent #MTFSparks workshop as part of the Wallifornia Music Tech festival. Every MTF event is incredible and I always come away from them with new ideas, new friends and a replenished sense of enthusiasm and motivation. For this workshop,Continue reading “#MTFSparks at Wallifornia Music Tech”

Hummingbird Evolution

My Hummingbird instrument, the one controlled by Twitter, has recently had a new breath of life blown into it with the use of the incredible DADA machines Automat. This newest version can control physical beat machines via the tweets you send me! I did a Live Stream test of it where people could tweet meContinue reading “Hummingbird Evolution”

How to make a basic dulcimer from one piece of wood!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a quick, acoustic dulcimer from a single piece of wood… Start with a nice chunky bit of timber: Trim a piece off the end: Trim a thin piece off the top, the thinner the better as this will be your soundboard: This was much thicker than itContinue reading “How to make a basic dulcimer from one piece of wood!”

Updates! Workshop! Hackoustic!

I have been very very busy lately with a bunch of different projects. Most notably with Hackoustic, a group/collective/events series I have been running with Tim Yates and friends. We have 2 exciting events coming up including one that I will be running a workshop in: Hackoustic All Day Workshop Our second event I willContinue reading “Updates! Workshop! Hackoustic!”

Newest Dronemachine

My newest commission for Belgian musician Quentin Stinglhamber. It uses the coil of an electric fan as it’s pickup, with an additional piezo pickup at the far end. Two knobs control the levels between the 2 pickups and one for volume. The strings are excited by a small piece of string attached to a motorContinue reading “Newest Dronemachine”