I’ve had my Springything for quite a long time now, so have figured out a lot of fun different ways to get different noises from it. So here’s a short track using nothing but this instrument:

Laser Cut Erhu

My latest instrument isn’t strictly speaking recycled, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out so I’d like to share it. It is cut from a single sheet of 6mm plywood, with piano tuning pins and violin strings. And here is a video of me playing it badly:

Workshops coming up

I have a few workshops lined up, those who came to the Funzing Alternative xmas market yesterday might be looking for the links! http://uk.funzing.com/users/27412 I also have 2 gigs coming up, one for the Music Hackspace re-opening/moving party at Limewharf on the 17th, and another gig with the fantastic Tim Yates on the 19th at http://iklectikartlab.com/

The Hummingbird MKII

This is the newest version of the Hummingbird instrument. It uses electrical disturbances of 8 different motors to induce a current in the transformer coil. It is connected to my twitter account via a raspberry pi. Whenever someone sends me a tweet the pattern of playing will change depending on that persons user id number….

Resonance FM

Friday afternoon I was interviewed by the excellent Gwaith Swn collective for their monthly show on Resonance FM. It airs Today (Monday 5th) at 8 and again Tuesday at 9.

The Aftermath of Music Tech Fest

I don’t often talk much on this site about what I do or why I do it. I’ve tried to avoid any sort of personal theology and let the instruments just talk for themselves. But this past weekend I attended Music Tech Fest in the wonderful city of Ljubljana in Slovenia and it’s made me…

The Hummingbird @ the Tate Modern

One of my newest creations that I developed at my time at machinesroom is The Hummingbird. It’s a twitter – controlled instrument that I recently showcased at the Tate modern as part of the Turbine Festival. pic.twitter.com/yckbuCpngY — Vulpestruments (@Vulpestruments) July 26, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js It consists of a series of 8 motors that play…


Things have been pretty busy over here lately, so first i’ll let you know what’s coming up, then I’ll let you know how amazing the past few weeks have been! First up, I’ve been invited by the Acoustic Hack group of the London hackspace to join them at THE TATE MODERN on the 25th as…

Dronitar for Glen

My latest commission was this Dronitar for artist Glen Tomney. The neck is made from a piano lid rest while the body is plywood with a few layers of Shellac ontop. It uses miscellaneous hardware in place of nuts, bridges and saddles etc. The pickup is simply a coil from a small power transformer with…

Upcoming events, of which there are many.

I have a ton of events coming up, all of which I will add to the events tab on the right hand side over there –> First up is my workshop at Machinesroom, ‘An introduction to scrap instrument building’. It is currently sold-out which means I’ll have to organise another one for soonly afterwards! Machinesroom…

The Lyre of Doom

My latest commission is a droney Lyre-type instrument made from a chair leg, washing line, miscellaneous hardware. The motor part can be attached to a modified desk lamp neck for handsfree-play. It uses 2 piezo pickups and also a speaker as a pickup. They’re all wired into seperate pots so you can control the volume…